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The hairdresser's secret

At KIS, we understand that the secret to a successful haircut is not just the skill of the hairdresser, but also the quality of the products they use. That’s why we devoped our high-quality haircare products with hairdressers in mind. KIS products are the secret weapon of many skilled hairdressers, who rely on our products to create beautiful, healthy hair for their clients. And because our products are exclusively available to trained professionals, hairdressers can rest assured that their clients will never know the secret behind their stunning haircuts.

The nr.1 color brand

Our hair color products are known for their vibrancy, longevity, and versatility. We offer a wide range of shades to suit every style and preference, and our products are formulated to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results everytime

The KIS easy does it app

Designed to make it easy to manage inventory and ensure that professionals have everything they need in stock, the KIS app is a must-have for busy hairdressers. with just a few taps, professionals can access the full range of KIS products and find the perfect solution for any haircare challenge.

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